0 Accreditations are vital

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  • by Administrator
  • 24-06-2021

You have decided to get some operator training for your staff, that’s great, training is likely to enhance productivity, shows you value your workforce and that you observe industry standards.  However there are countless training companies to choose from so how will you make your selection?

Here are just a few questions J&H think you should be asking any prospective training provider:

  • Do you hold appropriate accreditations relating to the training services required?
    If yes, ask to see proof and interrogate the accreditation provider.
  • How competent is the trainer, do they hold a third party accreditation (don’t accept in house papers)
  • Can I speak to a Trainer?  You should be able to speak directly to the trainer that will be delivering your programme, be certain that they know your requirements
  • What course materials do you provide? As a minimum ask about what handouts are provided free of charge before selecting the course
  • Can I speak to one of your Clients? If not, why not ?
  • What support will we have after the course?  Once the course completes delegates may still need help or further clarification.  

There are other questions, these are just a few, but above all do your due diligence, research the  supplier, make phone calls, affirm the accreditations claimed are held in their name and don’t always believe the salespersons claims.