0 Working at Height Training (WAH)

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  • 25-06-2021

J&H Gibraltar is dedicated to safety and aims to make training accessible to all our clients, Working at Height Training (WAH) is just one of the courses running this month.
Work At Height means work in any place where, if there were no precautions taken, a person could fall a distance likely to cause personal injury.  
Regulations aim to prevent falls from height yet it remains the leading cause of death and injury in the workplace.
Codes of practice such as the 2005 UK regulations cover many activities including: using a ladder, a harness or suspension system, working on scaffolding and platforms, near holes or open trenches, on or near fragile surfaces, yet the simplest measure employers and employees can follow to avoid injury from WAH is to avoid WAH completely and wherever possible work at ground level.

Unfortunately working from ground level is often impracticable. That being the case among other factors training, equipment choice and planning can all help reduce fall risk.
If you work in Southern Europe Vicente can help you, our programme conforms to the code of practice for the delivery of training and education for work at height.